Here we always recommend that before betting on a new sport you should get to know it well.

Why? Because the more we know about it, about the teams, about the competitions, the more chances we will have to know if the odds are right or not at the bookmakers.

This is the biggest secret of handball betting, to know how well the odds are calibrated and thus be able to beat the bookies. It is not about being lucky. Nor is it about always betting on the favourite to win little by little. It is about trying to know more about the competition we want to bet on.

Obviously, handball is a popular enough sport for bookmakers to keep an eye on the big competitions. In these, the calibration of the odds is very well done.

Another thing is national or local competitions, where it is easier to have more information about these events than they are.

So, what we recommend for handball betting is, without a doubt, to specialise in a specific competition and try to know much more than they do. Information is power and in betting it is the key.

Origin of handball

Handball betting

In order to bet on handball, it is necessary to have some knowledge of the game. The vast majority of handball bettors will already have this knowledge, but if you want to start betting on the sport, it doesn’t hurt to have a little refresher.

So let’s start at the beginning. The origins of handball. And as with most sports, many sports historians have looked to games played in ancient Greece and Rome as the forerunners of the sport.

However, their only resemblance has to do with a ball and the hands with which the ball was thrown and caught. In other words, the resemblance is the same as with most ball games today.

So, to be more precise, we must say that handball has its origins in the end of the 19th century, although its current rules have a lot to do with the International Handball Regulations drawn up in 1926.

However, it must be said that handball was originally played outdoors on football fields with 11 players in each team. But of course, in Northern Europe, where the game was first played, it was cold and it was decided to start playing indoors, so the game was played on a smaller field and in teams of 7 players each.

Two-minute exclusion

Handball bets

In addition, in handball there is the possibility of being excluded for 2 minutes, without the player who has carried out an action punishable by exclusion being able to be replaced.

In these cases there is a numerical disadvantage and, therefore, they are moments in which one of the teams has a clear advantage and tends to take advantage of it.

And yes, this is also important to take into account when betting, especially in live betting.

These three small touches of the handball rules are very important when betting and that is why we wanted to highlight them. We are not a handball website and we are not going to go beyond saying that the match lasts 60 minutes, divided into two 30-minute halves and that in league competitions the match can end in a draw.

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