As we have explained throughout this article, the importance of statistics is vital for accurate corner betting. Before making your prediction, it is essential that you know how each team plays and their record on corner kicks. As we have seen, it is ideal to look at the stats and your own scores throughout the competition. But where can you find good stats?

Most reputable bookmakers have a stats section. You can look at the corner history of each team, but you can also compare the number of corners in past meetings between the two teams. This is a key piece of information that you should take into account when making your prediction. That’s why we recommend that you visit the statistics area of the bookmakers, both your favourite bookmaker and others, before making your prediction.

Some of the bookmakers with the best statistics

Bet365 has a fabulous statistics system: you have a huge amount of information at your fingertips. It is one of our favourite sources.

  • Betfair has historical systems to validate the different statistics for football competitions.
  • Sportium offers us different statistics on corners very easy and simple to find and use.

Other websites to consult corner statistics

Bookmaker tools

Obtaining football trends and the highest odds are key to betting with greater security. Hence the importance of accessing good statistics. In addition to the databases offered by the bookmakers, there are other specialised websites that deserve our attention.

One of the most interesting corner kick statistics websites is undoubtedly Corner Stats. This specialised site gathers statistics from the football leagues of more than fifty countries.  

Its figures are overwhelming: its database has 6,000 teams and about 1,300 football tournaments analysed. You can filter all this information using filters and tables. It is probably the most complete and reliable football database. It only has one drawback, and that is that access to certain statistics and data analysis has a cost. But logically, the work of others is what sets this type of initiative in motion, which is also designed to allow you to place better bets. And, of course, if you are serious about your corner betting and want the best data (you know, information is power) you have to pay for it. This way you can access the best insights to make the best bets.

Other options of websites with statistics on corners that you can consult, A football report, or Ad Amchoi, this last one for free.

Specialised tipsters to follow

Bookmaker tips

Another way to access relevant information to place your corner bets is to follow specialised tipsters. Obviously you should look for reputable tipsters, with a certain credibility and a good track record (yield), in this specific area, corner betting.

As the tipster landscape is not only constantly growing but also constantly evolving, it is extremely difficult for us to recommend a specific name. You should do your own research and find the tipster you trust the most, but we are going to give you one name so that you don’t go in blind in your search. Number14 is a tipster specialising in football and corners with four years of professional experience. The most common markets he works with are Over/Under, First to get X corners and Corner handicap. His yield is 23%. Start following him on Twitter and Telegram, and see if he convinces you. Obviously, to get access to the best picks you’re going to have to be willing to pay premium tipsters.

Betfair’s cross betting as a market tool

As you probably already know, Betfair is the world leader in cross betting. And it is the only bookie that offers exchange betting through Betfair Exchange. With this modality you don’t bet against the bookmaker, but against other users. It also allows you to trade like the pros. Bet against your initial bet, in case you see that things get ugly.

This British bookmaker can be a great place to get valuable information and statistics for your bets. By the way, if you don’t have a Betfair account you can register here.

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