If you haven’t played Pachinko 3 yet, know that it is one of the most acclaimed bingo games in recent years, so much so that several versions are available in online casinos. The most acclaimed version of videobingo and the world is Pachinko 3. Choose a good online casino to make a paid bet, there are many options that make it difficult to choose the best. Make sure you have all the necessary requirements, such as the operating license issued by a responsible body; software companies with proven reliability and random number generators in the games; in addition to user recommendations.

How to Play Pachinko 3

Pachinko 3

Pachinko, are widely seen in gambling houses in Japan, are arcade style games, but as it is not possible to place bets in Japan, the winnings are exchanged for prizes. Pachinko 3 is a traditional video bingo with 75 balls, 5×5 cards that can be checked in online casinos. See how it works:

Deposit credit and choose from 1 to 4 cards.

  • Check the numbers chosen, calibrate the machine with how much money or how many credits you want to spend on the round.
  • Wait for the 44 balls to be drawn and know quickly if you have been awarded.
  • You will be entitled to up to 10 Fortune Balls
  • The first bet is 10%, the second 20% and the third 100% of the accumulated value.

Other Special Features of Pachinko 3

bingo Pachinko 3

With each round a new letter appears in the area where the possible winning combinations are, the previously established patterns located at the bottom of the screen. If you manage to write the word P A C H I N K O you will take home a good amount, a bonus of 500x the bet. To compete for the accumulated amount a minimum bet with the 4 cards is required.

The Auto button is present and allows the player to activate this function and the balls will come out automatically, as well as you can choose whether the extra balls should be revealed automatically or manually. There are 10 extra balls paid for and one free. It is also possible to choose the number of balls you can buy. The turbo function increases the drawing speed, you can also select slow or normal mode.

Now that you know the main functions of this dynamic and feature-packed game, enter the free version and have moments of pure fun or venture into paid bets and compete for the best prizes. No wonder this is the most acclaimed game in the series, with a very good graphic and sound quality, it will hold you for a long time.

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